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Marbella Surgery

Marbella Surgery, specialize in General and Obesity Surgery.

A multidisciplinary team of specialists, otrained both in Spain and the United Kingdom, can offer their knowledge and expertise in a caring and supportive environment.

At our clinic we listen to you and your requirements, using all the diagnostic methods available to enable us to find the best possible options for your treatment.

If you have a digestive problem, we have the most advanced equipment and a fantastically trained team, using the latest techniques eg Minimal Invasive Laparoscopic Surgery, “Single Hole Only Surgery” (without scars), colonoscopy, gastrocopy, path tests, ultra sound scans…etc

If you are worried about weight excess, and it is affecting your physical or psychological health, or maybe you have tried all the diets available, Marbella Surgery may be able to provide a wide range of surgical solutions. Techniques like the Intragastric Balloon, the Lap Band or any other major bariatric surgery can be performed by our team. Surgery of this sort may be the best way to point you on the right path for a new beginning allowing you to follow a better diet and a healthier life.